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I signed up with Scott initially to motivate myself to start training for a 24-hour endurance run I had signed up to.

I’d put off training and hadn’t left myself much time. I was also keen to lose some weight before the run to reduce the suffering!

I’ve been training for 15+ years and feel I have a good understanding of my body, what to eat etc. However, I’d never paid someone to look after my eating before. The main purpose was to outsource all the worrying and planning about what to eat and when to eat so that I was able to keep my focus on getting the training done.

I’d seen some of Scott’s previous clients’ success stories and took the plunge.

I found Scott to be very thorough. As well as planning all my nutrition with weekly check-ins, he planned my 8 weeks of running, getting me from 5km up to 60km. He was always available whenever I needed a chat, be it about the run sessions or how I should eat and if I needed to sub anything.

As much as I knew about eating and training, I hadn’t factored in how important simply having some accountability would be. Knowing that you have to tell someone what you’ve done and eaten every week definitely helped to keep me on track during the difficult days

I also learned new things about myself through this process. I used to hate training in the afternoon/evening because I’d always feel tired (usually reaching for an energy drink and regretting it at 1 am when I was still wide awake!). Scott introduced a relatively large pre-workout meal to have mid-afternoon and I haven’t looked back since, this is a staple of my day and I always train after work now.

In total I lost 15lbs in weight, yet retained most of my strength, just in time for the run. I completed 75 miles in 24 hours thanks to Scott’s training and nutrition plans.


31 years old

10 weeks ago I decided I needed a change!

Scott created a plan for me which included set meals and workouts. Looking back I’m proud to say that although I sometimes diverted from the plan or missed an exercise session, I’ve made big changes in my life! I’m a very busy working mum of 3 so finding food that works and keeps me satisfied has really helped. I now have a better understanding of what’s good for me and my body 💪🏻

Scott has always has supported me and pushed me when I honestly felt like quitting and has provided the tools I need to keep pushing to a healthier lifestyle. I am now a stone down in weight and noticing the changes in my body and mind and I’m finally sleeping for at least 7 hours a night.

Taking the first step was the easy part, keeping it up will be the test. I can do this 💪🏻🧡


37 years old

Joined SR Fitness online programme after letting myself go through the last lockdown. Can’t praise Scott enough for his guidance and support.

In the first 8 week I dropped a massive 10.5kg and am now nearly 16 weeks in, still maintaining the loss while having a social life. Scott’s taught me how to make good choices, be accountable and provide me with the tools I need to keep going.

Highly recommended.


25 years old

I joined the SR Fitness 8 week challenge this year at the request of my daughter, who wanted some company. So 8 weeks, 3 times a week with a 6am start each of the days. I agreed to go just for the 8 weeks to keep her company and to try and lose some of my inches.

I was a bit nervous to start with as I had never done anything like this before. Scott was really welcoming as were the other “boot campers” and even on the mornings when it was very very cold it was energising and fun!

Lots of support and encouragement from everyone. After the 8 weeks I signed up to carry on going and not only have I lost inches, am fitter and I have made new friends. It doesn’t matter how old you are (I’m 58) or how unfit you think you are it’s a great place to start your journey!


58 years old

I have been doing Bootcamps 3 times per week, for just over 3 months now.

They are varied, challenging, super fun (super painful at times 😁 ) and really social. I have never struggled to find the motivation to get there and get it done. It’s a real team spirit! 🧡


I hardly exercised, and at 44 decided to join the 8 week bootcamp challenge.

I am now 4 months down the line and am enjoying every session. It’s never too late!


44 years old

SRFitness. Well, what can I say! I joined Scott in February after I spent the whole of lockdown drinking, eating and making alot of bad choices.

In a nut shell, I am a mum of 3 young children and I work full time. I would usually get home, do the chores, help the kids with their homework and then spend some time with them before bed. It was 9, 10 o’clock before I knew it, hadn’t eaten tea so would snack on crap or order a takeaway. My weight has always fluctuated and I was never one for exercise – more fast diets that never last long.

Scott listened to my concerns, my excuses and then gave me a plan that would fit into my busy daily routine. I’ve had bad weeks, tantrums, good weeks, and highs I never imagined. Scott has been there for all of it. I now prep my food, follow a simple plan and have workouts tailored around my injury. I work muscles I never knew existed and can do things I’d never thought possible! After years of worrying what the scales said, in 4 months Scott has made me realise they really don’t matter. There is so much that effects our weight, but fitness…. That feel good feeling when you’ve managed more squats than ever before, when that walk you used to hate turns into a jog and then a run, when those really right jeans now won’t stay up. They matter! And they feel amazing! 🥰

All this and I still enjoy a much loved takeaway most weeks 😂  With the knowledge and tips Scott gives me, I’ve learnt how to make better, healthier choices without sacrificing the foods I love. I couldn’t thank Scott enough for what he has done, not just for me but my family.

No more excuses! 💪


SR Fitness bootcamps have given me way more than staying fit!

It’s been a way of staying focused and having something to strive towards during some very difficult times. The fact we were still able to continue through lockdown just shows the commitment and strength this team have.

It’s given me something to be proud of and let’s not forget how fun the finishers are and the banging soundtracks 🤣👏🏼  best team ever x


27 Years Old

I felt motivated throughout the whole experience due to Scott’s constant enthusiasm. He helped me feel so much more confident about myself. Not only did I progress physically but also made amazing healthy habits!!!


“With my new job, my shifts are all over the place and I’m gutted I can’t make every single one, but trust me, I’ll be there when I can! Currently at the gym on my own thinking “I wouldn’t have even tempted the gym on my own if I didn’t bite the bullet and go to scott’s bootcamp all the way back in August”. My confidence has grown, I’m much healthier, I’ve met some awesome people and made some great friends. As cheesy as this sounds I’m feeling very grateful for all the support! I’m still doing the 6 week challenge and hope you are all smashing it just like I know you are. Again, thanks to Scott Rogers. 2020, the year I get my body!”


24 Years Old

For anyone who has low confidence about attending fitness groups or bootcamps, due to the fear of “not being fit enough” I’d massively recommend Scott Rogers!

Since joining I’ve made new fitness friends as everyone is super welcoming! Ive been coming to camp for a couple of months now and have grown confidence in myself in all different ways!
Every single time I come to the camp it’s something different and he always leaves me feeling amazing (once I’ve cooled down)

Highly recommend #SRFITNESS!! Give it a try ✌🏻


28 Years old

Had the pleasure of attending Scotty’s “Boot Camp” this evening. To be fair to the lad, what a turn out and a decent little sesh. 💪💪

Just leave the dancing to me though yer lad 🕺🤳

Prime example of he/she who dares in life wins. You don’t achieve anything sat in your comfort zone ☝☝

As I said last night “If you want something you’ve never had.. Then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”. Smashing it!



34 Years old

First session with Scott tonight, couldn’t recommend him enough. Really motivating and hard work with the right mix of fun! Highly recommend!

Jake Irwin

Since summer 2019 I have attended bootcamp 2/3 times a week! I was apprehensive bout going on my own at first, but Scott was so warm & welcoming that my opinion soon changed. 

Bootcamp has become a BIG part of my life. I have mnever enjoyed exercuse until now & I hate missing a session. Everyone in the group ispart of the bootcamp famly no matter age, ability, sex or weight. We are all treated the same & given so much encouragement to be the best version of ourselves we can be!



I’ve been going to Scott’s bootcamps for nearly 6 months now and can honestly say I’m addicted.

After falling out of love with fitness for so long, I can now finally say it’s a lifestyle and my fitness levels have come on so far in such a short space of time! I’ve met some of the best friends which keep me motivated to go, even on the days that I can’t really be bothered.

Scott is a fab coach, not only to me but everyone in the family, no matter what their fitness level. If you have been thinking about joining, just do it. It’s not as scary as it first seems and everyone is so welcoming!


21 Years old

SR Fitness bootcamp isn’t just an exercise class it’s become a whole little family. 🧡

I started bootcamp on my own a few months ago and was very nervous and anxious about my fitness levels and strength. Scott was and still is very warm and welcoming and caters for everyone’s fitness levels no matter age and or ability.

He is encouraging and supportive and motivates people to achieve their goals, giving them a push in the right direction. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Scott and he will always answer questions and find alternatives to exercises if you have a weak area.

His knowledge on diet and food plans is insane and he gives clients realistic meals that don’t you leave you feeling hungry or bored! 👍🏻 I look forward to going to bootcamp every week and watching my body change shape, and seeing others progress within the team is such a good buzz! Thank you Scott


32 Years old

I am an online client of Scott’s and can not recommend enough! Scott’s plans are brilliant easy to follow and will cater for all built on your body type and goals, some brilliant work outs throw in as well 👌 Scott has all the time in the world for his clients and weekly check ins really help motivate me, top guy and great knowledge.

Josh Lawrie

Just attended my first bootcamp class this evening and it was the best idea! Scott creates a friendly atmosphere for newcomers to fitness or just to his class. demonstrating the different exercises well to great workout music! so much better than a workout alone in the gym brilliant value for money and I will be highly recommending to friends thanks Scott!

Amy Bethany

I started using Scott’s services at the start of the first lockdown and can’t recommend him highly enough.

He has fully catered for everything I’ve needed including online sessions, diet, motivation and has given great advice on supplements. Scott’s attitude and hard work have really made a difference in my physical and mental well-being throughout lockdown.

Ben Spackman

27 Years Old

Since starting with Scott at SR Fitness Bootcamps over a year ago my life has literally changed.

I have such a healthy relationship with food and exercise now. I know it’s not all about weight and usually, I just go by photos or how my clothes fit, but every few weeks I check-in for guidance and I’m at my lowest, which is 65.05kg. I’m pretty sure that’s my lowest I’ve been since I was like a teenager!?!! Even if I have hit lower than that though, I’m lifting heavier than I ever have ever before and I’m the leanest I’ve ever been! 😭 

I’m so so happy. Can never thank Scott enough for everything he’s done!!

If you are looking to start getting into exercise and are nervous about looking silly please take my word that we are the friendliest bunch and no one is ever made to feel that way. We are a little family and I’ve met some of my best friends at Bootcamp. Would highly, highly recommend it! 🧡🧡


24 Years Old

12 weeks check-in & down to 96.6kg. Didn’t think when I started this I’d be able to shift 10.3kg in that time but loved every minute of it. 👊

Feeling so much fitter both mentally & physically!

I managed two 10K runs this week which I haven’t been able to do in years & I’m finally able to stick to a healthy diet. Thanks to your support & adaptable diet plans! Can’t thank. you enough mate. 🤙


Hi Scott, 

Just a massive thank you for the last 6 plus weeks at BootCamp!

We started in the sunshine and light and now in the dark with your fancy lights. Even when it’s pouring with rain and muddy you still make BootCamp so much fun. I was really nervous about starting and was made to feel so welcome from day one.

You knew I had a partial knee replacement and gave me different exercises when I struggled and I am now proud to say I can literally do 99% of everything you set. I have so much more energy and always go home with a massive smile on my face 😊. I have just put on a cycling jacket that at the beginning I couldn’t get done up even with just a T-shirt under and today did it up wearing my fab SRFitness Hoodie.

I have joined your 6 week challenge and just prepped 4 meals. Your help, advice and support is massive. Oh and being the oldest there was a worry but NO! It’s all good and I Love BootCamp, come rain or shine.


56 Years Old

Since undertaking bootcamp sessions  with Scott my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically. I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own.

Scott is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. His knowledge on nutrition is admirable and his dedication to helping people is commendable. Scott’s sessions are always fun, whilst he continues to mix up the training so it never gets boring. I can’t recommend him enough!


24 Years old

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