SR Fitness 365

Bootcamp T&C’s

Please read carefully through the below information and complete the form at the bottom of the page to show that you understand and agree to the below terms and conditions.


1.a. Professional boundaries must be adhered to, failure to meet these will lead to a cancellation of your membership with no refund of the month currently paid

1.b. No liability will be accepted on SRFITNESS365 behalf of any pre medical condition which are not disclosed in your medical questionnaire

1.c. No liability will be accepted on SRFITNESS365 for any missing personal belongings

2. Photos and videos will be taken throughout bootcamp sessions and will be used via our social media accounts for promotional purposes


3.a. Membership payments are to be made via standing order either on the 1st or 15th in advance of each calendar month , failure to do so may result in non participation of Bootcamps until the balance is cleared

3.b. To downgrade your membership plan please give 1 calendar months notice (upgrades available with no notice needed)

3.c. If you wish to cancel your SRFitness Bootcamp membership, we require written / text confirmation and 1 calendar months notice (one further payment)

4. Adhere to booking & cancelling into camps via the BookFit app, book up to 2 weeks in advance, failing to do so could result in non participation in that Bootcamp.


5.a. I accept that all details provided on my PARQ health questionnaire are true to the best of my knowledge

5.b. I agree to update coaches of any changes in my medical records

5.c. I accept that I am over the age of 18 years old from the day of my first bootcamp session


6.a. SRFitness365 reserves the rights to cancel a bootcamp session due to weather / illness or a personal loss (discretionary refund where applicable)

6.b. Coaches of SRFitness365 reserve the right to refuse your participation of a bootcamp due to not accepting the above

6.c. I agree to inform coaches of any changes of attendance to a camp that I am already book into

    I confirm that I have read carefully through and agree to the SRFitness365 Terms and Conditions.